Our Team

Meet the minds that are bringing a transformative change in the way you learn.

Meet the team behind Notesgen

Manak Gulat- Notesgen, Founder

Manak Gulati

Founder & CEO
Roman Khan- Notesgen, Co-Founder

Roman Khan

Co-founder & CPO
Rajeev Ranjan- Notesgen, Chief Marketing Officer

Rajeev Ranjan

Co-Founder & CMO
Kaustubh Rishi- Notesgen, Chief Strategy Officer

Kaustubh Rishi

Co-Founder & CSO
Sowrirajan Narayanan- Notesgen, CTO

Sowrirajan Narayanan

Himanshu Dhingra - Notesgen

Himanshu Dhingra

Sales - Region Head
Rajesh Rajani - Notesgen

Rajesh Rajani

Sales - Region Head
Dipika Rampal - Notesgen

Dipika Rampal

Category Head
Aabir Hussain- Notesgen, Sr. Software Engineer

Aabir Hussain

Sr. Software Engineer
Abhishek Trivedi- Notesgen, Quality Assurance Engineer

Abhishek Trivedi

Quality Assurance Engineer
Nonita Chaudhary- Notesgen, Sr. Software Engineer

Nonita Chaudhary

Sr. Software Engineer
Aamir Ganie - Notesgen

Aamir Ganie

Quality Assurance Engineer