FAQ's related to Online Study Material

1. How do I upload my notes on Notesgen ?
You can upload your notes by registering on Notesgen. You can upload content in many different formats through the website while only images can be uploaded through the mobile app.
2. What type of content/notes can I upload ?
Users can upload study notes, self-prepared materials like project reports, research surveys, assignments, essays, case studies, presentations, critiques, articles, reviews, monographs etc. Professionals and Educators can also upload study materials. Refer to the “Terms of Use”for understanding the kind of content you can upload.
3. What if the seller does not reply to the claim within the permissible time?
If the seller does not reply to claim within the given time, the money is returned back to the buyer. The seller’s penalty of not replying to the complaint within the specified time results in blocking of the seller’s Notesgen account till the time the issue is resolved.
4. Is it mandatory to add description to the content I upload ?
Yes, you are required to add product (notes) description to the uploaded content. It allows the buyers to have clarity about what they can expect from your content before they buy it. You can also add hashtags to your description. This would help refine the search.
5. How do I price my uploaded content ?

Below given is the sample pricing structure.

Document CategoryPrice Range
Chapter-wise study notesINR 100 or greater
Assignments, Project ReportsINR 200 –to- INR 500
Essays, Articles, Critiques, Reviews, MonographsINR 500 or greater
Case Studies, Research PaperINR 500 –to- INR 1000
Course-wise notesINR 1000 or greater

Factors like length, clarity, organization of materials, comprehensiveness, single or multiple topics, chapter-wise notes, group of chapters on a particular topic, the entire course (midterms or finals), the importance and demand of topic, timing of semester, etc. will determine the price of your content. Pick a price that you would be willing to pay for the same quality of content. The idea of price range can also be taken from similar uploaded content on Notesgen. Also make sure that you price your content most economically to attract multiple transactions.

7. How can I have multiple sales of my uploaded content?
Once you upload your content on Notesgen, the protected digital copy of your content becomes accessible to users all over the world for purchase. Depending upon the demand, quality, pricing, timing of semester, etc. your content might be purchased by multiple buyers.
8. Can I edit or delete the content once uploaded?
You cannot edit the content once uploaded. However, you can edit the description or change the price if you wish to. You will have to place a request with the admin in order to take down the content.
9. Is my uploaded content safe with Notesgen?
Yes, your uploaded content would be safe with Notesgen to the extent that buyers cannot download the content but save it to be viewed through mobile app or website. Also, purchased cannot be resold on the website.
10. Why should I upload my content for free?
Content uploaded for free will attract many users instantly who eventually may become potential buyers, when you finally decide to put it up for sale making you a preferred seller. A preferred seller is a seller whose notes are purchased the maximum number of times in a particular content category.
11. Can I upload the notes in other languages apart from English?
Yes, you can upload the notes in any language.
12. Can I upload notes of other sellers?
No, you cannot upload the notes of other sellers.
13. Can I upload book or page of a book?
Any content that violates the copyright of the original author must not be uploaded.
14. I have my own website of creating content. How can I join the Partner Program?
You can “Join as Partner” by creating an account on Notesgen.
15. What’s the maximum file size I can upload?
The maximum file size for one single upload is 25 MB. In case your content exceeds 25 MB, then you can split it into two or more parts and categorise them according to topic, chapters and so on.
1. Can I preview the content before purchasing?
Yes, you can partially view the content before purchasing. Notesgen provides a preview feature that allows the buyer to view three pages of the content before purchasing it. In case the content is a maximum of 3 pages, then only a preview of one page is available.
2. What all information is provided in product description?
Product description provides a brief about what all topics or subjects are covered in the uploaded content. It helps the buyers analyze the appropriateness of the content based on their requirements before they purchase it.
3. How do I purchase?
You can purchase the notes by adding it to your study shopping cart and then checking out. You can even add and save/store notes in your shopping cart for future purchase.
4. Where are my purchased notes stored?
Your purchased notes are saved in your profile under the “Purchased Notes” section. You can view them anytime through the website or mobile app.
5. Does Notesgen has free notes?
Yes, Notesgen does offer hundreds of free notes across all 14 categories.
6. How do I know the notes uploaded are of good quality?
Our team analyses the content/notes based on its legibility. Notesgen also provides a system that allows the buyers to share their feedback about the uploaded notes which will be visible to everyone. We leave it to the judgment of the prospective buyers to refer to the feedback thus provided.
7. Am I entitled to any refunds if the content I purchased was not appropriate?
As Notesgen provides buyers to preview the content and read the brief product description, therefore, we do not offer any refunds. However, you can inform us about any issues (refer to Terms of Use and Copyright Policy) regarding the purchased content at complaints@notesgen.com.
8. What if I don’t find the notes I am looking for?
In case you do not find the notes, you are looking for then you place a request with us through the PING feature which will be introduced shortly.
9. What if the syllabus followed in my school/institution is different from the one followed at another school/institution?
Notesgen provides subject-wise contents common across syllabi followed in various schools/institutions. There are likely to be multiple uploads for a particular topic/subject. Even if there are variations in the syllabi, the buyers can decide the suitability and appropriateness of the contents from amongst the pool of such materials.
10. How many notes can I buy in one go?
You can buy as many notes as you wish to buy in one go. Add to cart and proceed to checkout.
11. Can I cancel my order?
As soon as you purchase any content, Notesgen instantly delivers that content into your personal account on the website. Therefore, order once placed cannot be canceled. You can preview the content before purchase to help you make the right decision. Please refer to the Terms of Use before making any purchase.
1. How can I access the notes I purchased?
The content/notes you purchase are stored under the ‘Purchased Notes’ section of your account. You can view the purchased notes anytime through the website and mobile app. The mobile app allows you to view your purchased content in offline mode (without Wi-Fi or mobile internet connectivity).
2. Is the file viewer and mobile app free?
Yes, the file viewer on website/mobile app as well as the mobile app is free of cost.
3. Can I download the content I purchase? If No, why?
Notesgen does not provide the facility to download or copy the content purchased. Copyright of the purchased content by the buyer rests with the seller. The buyer has the privacy and right to use the content/notes purchased exclusively for personal use for reference purpose and not for further selling. Selling study notes this way violates our Terms of Use, which can result in disabling of your account permanently and may also lead to legal actions being taken against the buyer by the seller.
4. Can I read the notes on the mobile app?
Yes, you can read the purchased (saved) notes by accessing the “Purchased Notes” section on your mobile app anytime.
1. When do I receive my payment?
Disbursements will be made at the discretion of the user. In other words, your money will be disbursed whenever you place a request with us.
2. How is payment made to me?
Payment is transferred directly into your Bank Account through eBanking.
3. Does Notesgen take a fee on the sale?
Yes, Notesgen does take a part of the sale as a fee to keep us running and making sure we provide the best services. Of course, the majority of sales share goes to the seller. The transaction amount will be shared between the seller and Notesgen in the ratio of 60:40.
4. Do you facilitate paypal payment?
No, we do not provide paypal payment as of roght now. However, we are looking forward to include the same in future.
5. I wish to upload my notes, but I can’t see my currency mentioned. What should I do?
In such a case, you can contact us with your contact and currency details. We shall make sure to provide service in the currency of your preference.
1. Who all can create an account on Notesgen?
Notesgen caters to Undergraduates, Postgraduates, School Students, Educators, and Professionals.
2. How can I edit my account details?
You can edit your account details by visiting your account at Notesgen.com and selecting the required fields you wish to update.
3. Why is my account blocked?
An account is blocked in case of Terms of Use violation. A blocked account is barred from performing any activity on the website and the mobile app.
4. Is it necessary for me to register before I buy anything?
Yes, it is necessary to register with us.
5. Who all can give feedback?
Only the purchaser can give feedback on the notes purchased.
6. What all information and documents I need for creating my seller account?
For creating your account, you are required to complete your basic profile details. Sellers are also required to add Bank Account Details (Account Number, IFSC Code, and Bank Name).
7. I have my own website of creating content. How can I join the Partner Program?
You can “Join as Partner” by creating an account on Notesgen.
8. How can I delete my account?
You cannot permanently delete your account. However, you can deactivate your account. In which case all your uploaded content, personal details and any other activity will be removed from the website and mobile app until you login into your account and reactivate your account. However, the notes already sold before deactivation shall be saved in the buyer’s profile as it is.
9. Can I create multiple accounts?
No, you are not allowed to create multiple accounts. If we suspect that you have multiple accounts, we will terminate all your accounts on Notesgen and block you from further registering.
10. Can two users use same bank account information at Notesgen?
Every user is required to have a different bank account number for carrying out selling activity on Notesgen.
11. Can I unsubscribe from your newsletters?
Yes, you can do that by clicking on ‘Unsubscribe’ link in any newsletter you receive via email.
1. Is this process legitimate?
This process is legitimate as Notesgen aims to recognize the value of self-prepared material worthy of sharing widely in the public domain. The spirit is the same as that of buying and selling books or getting remuneration for writings.
2. What constitutes a misuse of Notesgen?
Violation of the “Terms of Use” accounts as misuse of Notesgen. Please refer to the Terms of Use for further details.
3. On what browser does your website work best?
We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience. However, our website works on all other browsers as well. You can even open our website on a Smartphone or tablet or mobile through the android and iOS app.
4. What are the advantages I get as a seller on Notesgen?
The biggest advantage you get as a seller is that your notes have a potential to reach out to multiple users or peers across the globe. Notesgen also offers to you the discretion to price your notes, thereby giving you an opportunity to maximize your sales.
5. What are the advantages I get as a buyer on Notesgen?
For a buyer, Notesgen opens up the window to world-class academic content at an affordable price. It gives you the opportunity to maximize your learning and interact with peer groups and educators from across the globe. You can look forward to learn the art of making notes and be less dependent on books, tuitions, guides et al.