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Lecture 1 9/27  Most of grade is based on exams, 40 multiple choice.  Look over old tests on Tritoned.  Ideal: use science to improve development, took off around 1900’s.  Many challenges: often can’t systematically test effects that you’re interested in, the right experiments are often impractical or unethical.  Same influences can have different consequences (how much should I help my kid on my homework?, In many cases the very same practices can lead to different outcomes, some thrive from the extra push a

Psych 101 - Developmental Psychology

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These notes contain extensive developmental facts including Piaget's stages, developmental milestones, and many things that are important to know if you have a passion to help children. I took these last quarter in 2018 before winter break and I loved this class. I made sure to write down everything the professor said. Hope you enjoy.