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Suffixes that Mean “Condition of” Suffix -ia -ism -sis -y Example Dement​ia Rac​ism Thrombo​sis Aton​y Definition of Example Loss of intellectual function Discrimination based on race Having a blood clot in a vessel Lack of muscle tone Suffixes that Mean “Pertaining to”, “Like”, “Resembling” Suffixes -ac -al -ar -ary -form -ic -ical -ile -oid -ory -ous Example Cardi​ac Voc​al Nucle​ar Saliv​ary Muci​form Anatom​ic Electr​ical Vir​ile Lymph​oid Circulat​ory Cutane​ous “ “ “ “

Medical Terminology Suffix and Prefix Tables

Suffixes and Prefixes for Medical Terminology that will help explain and and break down more advanced terminology.