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ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION detailed notes for 1st Year Beginner. Topics covered: Introduction, Experiments of Faraday & Henry (With Diagrams, Explanation & Conclusions), Magnetic Flux (Theory, Diagrams, Special Cases, Formulas with Units), Faraday's Laws of Electromagnetic Induction (Theory & Derivation of Formulas), Examples, Lenz's Law (Theory with detailed explanation & diagrams), Conservation of Energy and Lenz's Law, Fleming's right hand rule, Motional Electromotive Force - EMF (Derivation of formula with Diagram), EMF due to Lorentz force (Derivation of formula), Examples, Energy Conservation of Motional EMF (Theory & Formulas), Eddy Currents (Theory with detailed explanation, Experiments with diagrams), Applications of Eddy Currents (Explanation with diagrams): Electromagnetic Brakes, Induction Cookers, Electromagnetic Damping, Induction Furnace, Analog Power Meters;, How to minimize Eddy currents, Self Induction (Theory with explanation & Special Cases with diagrams), Coefficient of Self Induction (Derivation of Formulas with Units), Self Inductance of long Solenoid (Theory & Derivation of formulas), Grouping of Coils (Diagrams & Derivation of formulas):Series & Parallel, Mutual Induction (Theory with explanation, diagrams, Special cases), Coefficient of Mutual Induction (Derivation of formulas with Units), Mutual Inductance of 2 co-axial solenoids (Theory, Diagram & Derivation of formula with units), Mutual Inductance of Circular coils coinciding co-axially (Derivation of formula).

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