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Chapter 9 Non-aqueous media Relative permittivity Acid-base behavior in non-aqueous solvents Liquid NH3, HF,H2SO4, BrF3, N2O4 Ionic liquids Supercritical fluids Categories of non-aqueous solvents Protic Solvents (HF, H2SO4, MeOH) Aprotic Solvents (N2O4, BrF3) Coordinating Solvents (MeCN, Et2O, Me2CO) 1 In Vacuum In Media Coulombic potential energy  e2 4 0 r (9.1) (9.2) e2 Coulombic potential energy  4 0 r r Relative permittivity (dielectric constant) values at 298K (unless otherwise stated) for wat

Non Aqueous Media

This PDF contains notes on Non aqueous solvent in Inorganic chemistry. Watch out the video ????