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Loops in C Programming Part­1(Introductory) Loops are the technique to repeat set of statements until  given condition remains true. C programming language has three  types of loops ­ 1) while loop, 2) do while loop and 3) for  loop. These loops controlled either at entry level or at exit level  hence loops can be controlled two ways 1. Entry Controlled Loop 2. Exit Controlled Loop Entry Controlled Loop Loop, where test condition is checked before entering the

Loops in C Programming (Part-I)

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It will enormously help the students of Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electronic Science/Electronic Engineering/Computer Application/Computing/Programming students to get basic conceptual & Practical foundation on the looping mechanism in C Programming language along with different looping techniques. This is useful for the first year students of B.Tech/BCA/B.SC/MCA/M.Sc./PGDCA etc.