How it Works

Experience a dynamic learning system for both learners and educators in these simple steps.

How do I buy content on Notesgen?

Explore Content Range

Browse through our extensive content range, from hand-written notes, e-books to audiovisual content from peers, experts, schools, institutions and many other top trusted sources.

Check Content Details

Once you’ve chosen the content that interests you, check the preview of your content and details like the type of content, price, ratings and reviews and seller information to make an informed decision.

Add to Cart & Purchase

Add the selected content to your cart and make the purchase with our available multiple payment options, including NCash.

Access anytime in My Downloads

You can access your purchased content anytime in your My Downloads sections once you log into your account. Go to My Account > My Downloads.

How do I book a tutor on Notesgen?

Choose Subject Preference

Select the subject you want tutoring for and browse through leading certified teachers on the platform who are experts in their respective fields.

View Tutor Details

Go through relevant details of listed tutors like years of experience, qualifications and certifications, introduction and demo videos, total interactions and reviews of their sessions before finalizing.

Book Session

Choose from the available dates and time slot, repeat sessions as per your requirement and book your session. You can also add to cart and book later.

Keep Track on My Tuitions

You can keep a track of your upcoming, completed and cancelled sessions in the My Sessions section. Go to My Account > My Downloads > My Tuition > My Sessions.

How do I sell content on Notesgen?

Create and Scan Content

Create your notes and scan the content and save it in any popular document format (jpeg, png or PDF).

Upload Content

Provide a proper title to your content, add a well-fitting description and details of the content and price it, as per Notesgen's pricing policy. This can be done in the My Account > My Content > Upload Content section.

Start Earning

We will review your content, post which it will be available to the Notesgen community, while you retain complete ownership of your content.

Keep Track on My Uploads

Keep a record of all your approved, disapproved, rejected or pending approval content in the My Uploads section. Go to My Account > My Content > My Uploads.

How do I enlist as a tutor on Notesgen?

Create Session

Go to My Account > My Tuition > Create Session. Share your education qualifications, teaching certifications, session timings, available time slots, pricing and teaching sample videos and 'Create Session'.

Get Listed on Notesgen

Once you create a session, you will be immediately listed on the platform after a quick verification.

Start Earning

Accept session requests and start tutoring as per your schedule.

Keep Track on My Created Sessions

Have a record of all your created sessions, ratings received and feedback along with total earnings in the My Created Sessions section. Go to My Account > My Tuition > My Created Sessions.