Mention five fundamental aims of teacher education in detail.
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Shivam Tiwari Five fundamental aims of teacher education are:

(i) Better Understanding of the Student:

Teacher training is a must as it enables the potential teacher to understand the student better. The knowledge of educational psychology helps the teacher a lot in dealing with children.

(ii) Building Confidence:

Teacher training builds confidence in the potential of teachers. A trained teacher can essentially face the class with confidence. He or she can adjust with many odd situations and won't run away from problem situations.

(iii) Using Methodology of Teaching:

Through training, the future teacher becomes familiar with methodology of teaching. He also gets essential knowledge of methods required for a particular subject. 

(iv) Building Good Attitude:

Training helps in building favorable towards the teaching profession. During the course of training, many doubts of the teacher trainee’s stand removed. It results in creation of love and respect for teaching profession.

(v) Familiarizing with the Latest in Education:

Teacher training programmes familiarize the future teachers with all that is latest in education. An attitude of research and experimentation is attempted to be created in them.

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