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    aayush rana

    96 weeks ago

    Bro as u might u know there are no of subjects in nda syllabus so in 

    Maths there are 30 chapters and 

    In english there are 8 topics

    In physics chemistry  biology sst and so on.

    So bro i believe that i will upload maths ch 1 notes and they will be free and chapter 2 notes will be of 50 rs. And all rest maths chapter will be free but i will upload the maths chapter after chapter 2 only if u buy that chapter notes.

    Similarly for each subject 1st will be freee ssecond will be 50 rs and rest will be free.

    Decide and tell me i will upload them.


    96 weeks ago

    Yes I need it.

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    96 weeks ago

    I Need It .