Dispersion of Light

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    Aurooj Aijaz

    50 weeks ago

    Please find the notes for Dispersion of Lights in the below link


    Srinivas Reddy

    98 weeks ago

    Isaac Newton set up an experiment, he took a triangular prism and shone the white light or visible light through it.

    When the white light traveled through the prism it broke down into its seven constituents or known asVIBGYOR(Violet , Indigo ,Blue ,Green, Yellow, Orange ,Red).

    This breaking of light into its seven constituents is known as Dispersion.

    The reason for the Dispersion is varying wavelengthof white light constituents i.e. blue light has minimum wavelength(390–455 nano-meter) so itrefracts more in the prism and red light has maximum wavelength(622–780 nano-meter) so it refracts less.

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