human population growth and family welfare programmes

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    Bishwa Sharma

    49 weeks ago

    Population explosion and Family Welfare Programme. India was the first nation to launched a family planning programme in 1952. Though the birth rate started decreasing, it was accompanied by a sharp decrease in death rate, leading to an overall increase in population


    104 weeks ago

    INTRODUCTIONIs population explosion a boon or a curse? Forthe European developed countries like Spain andItaly, where the population is decreasing, thismight be considered as a boon. However, for thedeveloping countries like India, populationexplosion is a curse and is damaging to thedevelopment of the country and it’s society.

    INTRODUCTION of Family Welfare Program

     Family planning means planning by individuals orcouples to have the children when they wantthem.This is responsible parenthood. 

     Family welfare programme includes not onlyplanning of births ,but they welfare of whole familyby means of total family health care. 

     The family welfare programme has high priority inIndia, because its success depends upon thequality of life of all citizen.


    The government of India in the ministry of healthand family welfare have started the operationalaims and objectives of family welfare programmeas follows:

      To promote the adoption of small family size norm,on the basis of voluntary acceptance.

      To ensure adequate supply of contraceptives to alleligible couples within easy each. 

     Using the means of mass communication andinterpersonal communication to overcome thesocial and cultural hindrances in adopting theprogramme or extensive use of public healtheducation for family planning.

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